Generator Setup & Rental

Generator rentals can come in handy for situations that require temporary power. If you need a generator for a project or event, the professional, trustworthy team at Temporary Power Company will help you determine which equipment will work best for you.

When customers rent generators from us, they know that they’ll get quality equipment, timely delivery, reliable service and open communication.

Our generator rental service packages include placement and setup as required.

Depending on the wattage you need, our portable generators are perfect for a variety of short-term projects, either small or large. Our powerful rental units serve a variety of uses and are made to run for extended periods of time. Give us a call at Temporary Power Company to discuss the details of your project, and learn about our policies and rental regulations.

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Why Do You Need to Rent a Generator?

Individuals, organizations and companies often need power for one-time or short-term jobs or events. Thus, portable rental generators are the go-to choice for these types of events and projects, which can include festivals, fairs, sporting events, outdoor weddings or even construction projects.

If you need a generator for a short-term event or project, our expert technicians recommend renting instead of purchasing. Why?

First, generators aren’t cheap to buy. They generally run between $1,000 and $6,000, depending on the size. Plus, they’re heavy. You may need a trailer to tow it. And when you’re done, you’ll need to store it somewhere.

For temporary projects, renting is the most cost-effective solution, and it saves time, because our team is responsible for transportation and maintenance. We guarantee full-service delivery and installation, and once you’re finished, our team picks up the equipment.

Renting a Generator with Temporary Power Company

Our reputation as a customer-oriented generator rental company is unparalleled throughout Utah. In addition to our hands-on services, our trained technicians provide professional advice about:

  • What type of generator to rent
  • Whether your project requires multiple rentals
  • Logistical and safety concerns

We value communication, safety and reliability, which is why we also offer emergency services as well.

Utah’s Choice for Power Needs

Our experienced team proudly serves Utah residents and companies with a variety of generator rental equipment. Call the experts at Temporary Power Company for professional advice on powering your project.