Temporary Overhead & Underground Power

Many short-term projects require temporary power, whether it’s sourced from overhead poles, underground or generated. At Temporary Power Company, our licensed and insured team specializes in giving our Utah clients efficient, safe, temporary power at a lower cost than alternatives.

overhead temporary power distribution box

If you’re in need of temporary power for your project or event; or you’re not sure and have questions, our team of specialists is available to help. But first, it’s important to understand some benefits to Temporary Power Company.

    • Reduce Costs With Overhead Power Systems
    • Highly Trained And Skilled Temporary Power Technicians
    • 30+ Years Delivering Temporary Power Systems To Utah And Surrounding States
    • Quick Response And Completion Turnaround Times
    • Overhead, Underground And Generator Temporary Power Systems
    • Commercial,  Residential, And Event Power.

Overhead temporary power is a lower-cost alternative to generators:

temporary power distribution Utah

And it can be most cost effective for large commercial construction projects, where long term generators can become significantly costly. Overhead temporary power systems can also be used for events like sports games, festivals, outdoor concerts, fairs, carnivals and holiday lighting displays.

Power systems and equipment are rented at a minimal monthly charge, beginning on the 4th month after system installation. Our power systems are built weatherproof and are safe to use in any situation.

Temporary Underground Power

temporary underground power pedestal

If you need power for a commercial or residential construction project site — for trailers, power tools, security system, outdoor lighting and more — then temporary underground power is the best solution for your project. We can handle any temporary underground power project for any application.

Our team takes care of the installation and logistics. You don’t need to be concerned about configuration or safety and can stay focused on your construction project or event.


We’re Utah’s Temporary Power Solution

In addition to overhead or underground temporary power instillation, we also provide maintenance services on poles, equipment and wiring. Rely on our team to point you in the right direction when it comes to your temporary power project needs.

At Temporary Power Company, we guide you through the process quickly. Give us a call or email us today to work with the state’s most trusted, reliable and affordable temporary power technicians!

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